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Home risk assessment escape plan

What is it? This short questionnaire will assess fire safety in your home and offer simple, inexpensive precautions to prevent fires and raise your fire hazard awareness. It is not intended to replace fire safety checks carried out by London Fire Brigade.

Why should you do one? Most fires which happen in the home start accidentally. You can learn how to reduce the chances of a fire starting in your home and make it a safer place for all your family.

How long will it take to complete the form? No more than five minutes.

Fields marked * are required

Section 1: Questionnaire
Property Type
* Which of the following most closely describe the type of accommodation you live in?

* How many people live in your home
* Is anyone in your home over 65
* How many of these people are under 10 (enter 0 if none)
* Is the accommodation rented
Fire risk - Smoking
* Does anyone smoke inside your home

If someone smokes in your home please answer the following:

* Do they smoke in the bedrooms
* Has a cigar or cigarette ever burned a hole in your furniture/ furnishings or caused a fire
* Are ashtrays left on armchairs or other places where they could fall or be knocked over
Fire risk - Cooking
* Does anyone cook after drinking alcohol
* Does anyone in your home use a traditional chip pan, or other deep fat cooking method e.g. wok (not including a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer)
* Has your cooker got a build up of cooking fat residue
Fire risk - Electrical
* Before you go to bed – how do you leave your TV set? Select one of the following options

* Do you switch off non-essential electrical appliances before you go to bed
* Does anyone use electric blankets
Fire risk - Open fire / heaters
* Do you have portable heaters such as fan heaters, ceramic heaters, gas heaters in your home
* Is an open wood-burning, coal or coal-effect gas fire used
* If an open wood-burning, coal or coal-effect gas fire is used, do you get the chimney swept every year
* Are clothes ever dried in front of open fires or heaters (not including radiators)
Fire risk - Candles
* Does anyone ever use lit candles in your home
Fire risk - Playing with fire
* Do you have any concerns with children in your home showing fascination with fire such that they either have caused a fire/s or could cause a fire
Fire risk - Arson
Does anyone in your home have any concerns over arson threats
Fire risk - Spread of fire
* In your home are there large quantities of papers/newspapers/cardboard boxes/video tapes
* In your home does anyone store or use:
a) petrol, paraffin, white spirit, thinners or other flammables, paints or flammable aerosols
b) fireworks
c) Oxygen, acetylene, gas cylinders:
Fire risk - Layout of your home
* Do you have a solid kitchen door that closes snugly in the frame
* Do the rooms leading off the landing & hallway have doors that close snugly in the frame
* Are these doors kept closed at night-times
* Is your home open plan
Fire escape risk

Are there any people in your home who:

* Have mobility difficulties and would require assistance to evacuate from the home
* Have a mental health illness and would require assistance to evacuate from the home
* Take medication that would prevent them from hearing a smoke alarm
* Have an hearing impairment that would prevent them from being woken if the smoke alarm was sounding
* Have visual impairment and would be unable to escape in the event of a fire
* Does anyone in your household consume alcohol or social drugs to the point where they may fail to be woken by the smoke alarm or would be unable to escape from the property
* Are hallways and landings kept clear enough to allow safe and easy escape
* Would people in your home be able to escape through all exit doors and without having to search for a key
Smoke detection
* Do you have working smoke alarms in your home

If you have working smoke alarms in your home:

* Do you have at least 1 working smoke alarm on each floor level in your home
* How often do you test them

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