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The London Fire Brigade (LFB) logo is a registered trademark and strict rules exist about how it can be used.

The logo is a key element of the organisation’s corporate identity. The consistent application of the corporate identity relies on control of the logo’s distribution and use.

If you wish to use the LFB logo please complete this form. You should receive a response within five working days of submitting your request.

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Terms of Use
Please read and agree to the terms of use below.

In the event that London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority of 169 Union Street London SE1 0LL ("LFEPA" who is responsible for London Fire Brigade ("LFB"), grants permission to an entity ("the Applicant") that applies to use the LFB logo ("the Logo"), the Applicant hereby agrees to the following:

1. The Applicant will not use the Logo in any way or for any purpose other than for the purposes as set out in the online application made by the Applicant ("the Purpose").

2. The Applicant will not use the Logo in any way which may bring LFB or LFEPA into disrepute or damage its reputation and if in LFEPA's opinion the Applicant has acted in such a manner, then LFEPA can immediately revoke any permission previously granted to use the Logo, thereby preventing the Applicant from using the Logo any further. Should LFEPA revoke permission to use the Logo, this will be communicated in writing to the Applicant.

3. LFEPA may, in writing and on 30 days' notice, require the Applicant to stop using the Logo for any reason whatsoever. Should the Applicant receive such notice from LFEPA, the Applicant will remove all references to the Logo and give all reasonable evidence to LFEPA that this action has taken place.

4. Any change in the Purpose must be authorised in advance and in writing by LFEPA. If, in the opinion of LFEPA, the change in the Purpose may damage the reputation of LFEPA or bring LFEPA into disrepute, permission to use the Logo may be revoked.

5. The Applicant will not make any representation or do any act which may be taken to indicate that it has any right, title or interest in or to the ownership or use of the Logo and acknowledges that the rights granted to use the Logo for the Purpose do not confer on the Applicant any rights or interest in the Logo.

6. The Applicant acknowledges that LFEPA is the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights in the Logo and any copyright in it and of the goodwill relating to it, and that the benefit of the use of the Logo by the Applicant will belong to LFEPA. The Applicant will not make or attempt to make any trademark application in relation to the Logo. LFEPA gives no warranty that there are no conflicting third party rights in the Logo and the Applicant will indemnify LFEPA for any loss which it suffers as a result of the Applicant’s use of the Logo and, if required by LFEPA, insure himself against this liability.

7. The Applicant agrees that if it becomes aware of any infringement of LFEPA's Intellectual Property Rights in the Logo or any claim is made that its use of the Logo infringes anyone else’s rights, the Applicant will inform LFEPA in writing as soon as possible and do nothing further, other than to render to LFEPA whatever assistance it reasonably requires in any action which it may take against the infringer.

8. Where the Applicant wishes to engage a third party to manufacture the products for which use of the Logo has been granted, (the "Licensed Products"), the Applicant must first obtain written consent from LFEPA for the use of the Logo by that third party.

9. Where LFEPA has given written consent to the use of the Logo by a third party engaged by the Applicant to manufacture the Licensed Products, the Applicant shall ensure that the terms of the contract with the subcontractor are in writing, and that they are substantially the same as the terms upon which the Applicant was granted permission to use the Logo by LFEPA.

10. The Applicant shall be liable for all acts and omissions of the subcontractor and shall indemnify LFEPA against all costs, expenses, claims, loss or damage incurred or suffered by LFEPA, or for which LFEPA may become liable (whether direct, indirect or consequential and including any economic loss or other loss of reputation or goodwill) arising out of any act or omission of any subcontractor, including any product liability claim relating to Licenced Products manufactured by the subcontractor.

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